Hoenn was created after Groudon and Kyogre were formed. Groudon raised the landmasses and Kyogre filled the seas that would later become Hoenn. The meeting of these two created a great battle for supremacy until it was quelled by Rayquaza, sending Groudon and Kyogre into caverns where they rested until they were awakened many years later during the course of events in Generation III. The moving of the continents by Regigigas created Hoenn, and when Regigigas was sent to sleep in the Snowpoint Temple in Sinnoh, Regirock, Registeel, and Regice, the keys to awakening it, were sealed away in Hoenn.



I took some screenshots from the new Japanese trailer, focusing on screenshots of interesting things, or new locations. Here are some interesting things I have noticed, along with my theories:

  • Unlike previous games where Lapras was the default, it seems that Wailmer will get a special sprite for Surf and Dive. It is possible that this will apply to other Pokemon too, but I have a feeling that other Pokemon will only have shadows, like XY. Also, the player character gets a snorkel when Diving.
  • A couple screenshots of the Magma/Aqua encounters, which follow the original storyline quite closely.
  • We get our first peek at Pacifalog and Mossdeep, both look fantastic with their upgrades. We also get our first look at Mt. Pyre.
  • Perhaps the most curious thing is the Pikachu tail in the grass. Is this a new wild encounter, or a plot-related event? The Corsola in the background of the Diving scene make it seem that you will find some Pokemon in the overworld and be able to battle them. A very nice touch.
  • A new look at the Aqua submarine that has been appropriately shaped like a Sharpedo!
  • The last image is hypothesized to be part of the Elite Four, leading to the first room. It is also possible that this may be related to other areas, but the Elite Four seems most likely.